How To Easily Finance Your Above Ground Pool With Bad Credit


Need a pool but have a poor credit score? Do not lose all hope; because getting your household a pool even with your financial situation is still possible. Having a bad credit score should not mean that you should cut yourself from the happy moments in life. But you should first figure out how to easily go about the entire financial process.

Why above ground pools are better

Deciding to go for an above-ground pool is a smart choice, especially when you have bad credit. As compared to in-ground swimming pools, above-ground pools are less expensive to build. Inground pools will require more labor and more costly materials.

On the other hand, your pockets will bleed a little less when it comes to digging the hole for your above-ground pool to eventually putting in a pool liner.

However, this is not to say that all above-ground pools are cheap; there are high-end pools that will cost you thousands of dollars. Moreover, if you do not properly finance the pool installation you will only end up with bad work, which will then mean more money to patch up faulty areas.

Why you shouldn’t give up on your dream

  • A swimming pool in your home will offer you leisure and recreation on your own terms and time.
  • Swimming as a family will increase harmony and create beautiful memories of quality time spent together.
  • The swimming pool will be a good investment that will increase the worth of your entire home investment.
  • You can still get financing for a pool even if you have poor credit.

So how do you finance the pool?

Approach your bank

Banks are the one place that puts a lot of weight on customers’ credit scores. And especially if you are applying for a loan, your credit situation will highly determine whether you will qualify for the loan.

However, do not rule out this option just yet; approach your bank and see if they can provide you with a home improvement loan. You might just get lucky. Plus, even if you fail to get the loan, the bank might offer you other helpful ideas.

Only go for the best terms

Besides your bank, there are several other places you can acquire financing for your pool. Places that will offer you better terms or are more lenient. Therefore, carry out a bit of research on other finance sources and then do some comparisons. Your bank might just turn out not to be the best offer.

Consider a private lender

It is a tough task trying to get a loan with a poor credit score. So it is possible that your efforts with the bank, pool companies, and other financial organizations will fail to bear fruits.

You then need to consider approaching a private lender. Look around and see if you can find one willing to work with your current financial status.

Work to improve your credit score

Frequent loan applications, especially with a bad credit score will only make the score worse. You could, therefore, decide to briefly pause your pursuit for a pool, at least until the score is back up.

In the meantime, strive to pay your bills on time as well as your current debts, and avoid using credit cards often.

Do not rush to install the swimming pool if the process is only going to put you into deeper financial trouble. If you can’t get a good loan offer at the moment, it makes a lot more sense to work on your credit score first.


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